Thursday, June 4, 2009


After six years of war followed by a long strike in Sweden’s engineering industry and general start-up problems caused not least by a shortage of raw materials, series production of the PV444 finally gets under way in February. This is Volvo’s first small car with a monocoque body and overhead valve engine. By now Volvo already has orders for 10,181 cars of the planned production run of 12,000. The first 2300 contracted cars are sold at a loss for 4800 kronor each, the price at which the car was advertised at its premiere showing in 1944. The price of a new PV444 is now 8000 kronor.

Volvo has grown into a major corporation with 3000 employees and a turnover of 112 million kronor. Production this year totals 2531 cars.

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