Thursday, June 4, 2009


With sales increasing fast, the 100,000th PV444 is made in January. In spring, this model is exhibited at the motor show in New York, and by summer a hundred or so American dealers have signed up to sell it.

The new product of the year is the Volvo Amazon or P120 series. The name Amazon cannot be used beyond Scandinavia, however, because it has already been registered on the continent by the motorcycle manufacturer Kreidler. In most export markets, names such as Volvo 121 or Volvo 122S (for one Sport version) are to be the norm for this series.

On retiring as managing director, Assar Gabrielsson is appointed chairman of the board. Formerly the head of Volvo Aero, Gunnar Engellau, is appointed managing director of AB Volvo.

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