Friday, June 5, 2009


Launched now are the Volvo 940 and 960. The four-cylinder Volvo 940 comes in GL, GLT and Turbo versions. The 960 is Volvo’s new prestige model. It has a new powertrain: a three-liter, straight-six engine and electronically controlled automatic transmission. Mechanical seat belt tensioners are standard equipment in the front seats, and one option is a driver airbag. Buyers can also opt for an integrated child seat instead of the rear seat armrest.

Volvo and Renault sign a cooperation agreement covering cars, trucks and buses.

The world’s first inertia-reel seat belt for the rear center seat is introduced.

Lennart Jeansson succeeds Roger Holtback as president of Volvo Car Corporation.

The integrated child booster cushion is introduced.

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