Monday, June 8, 2009


The last of the Volvo 400 series cars is made in November, taking the total for the whole series to almost 700,000 units.

The Volvo 850 Bi-Fuel is launched. It can run on either petrol or CNG.

Another new arrival is the Volvo 850 AWD, the brand’s first all-wheel drive.

The Paris Motor Show is chosen for the première of the Volvo C70 coupe.

The Volvo S70 and V70 are presented – the successors to the Volvo 850. In the brand’s new model-naming system, S stands for saloon or sedan, V is for versatility (wagon models), and C stands for coupe or convertible. The Volvo 960 saloon now becomes the S90 and the 960 wagon turns into the V90.

A very big milestone is passed this year – Volvo makes its ten-millionth car. It is a green Volvo 960 Royal built at the Volvo plant in Malaysia.

Volvo's Dialogue on the environment course provides training for all employees in environmental issues.

Volvo introduces environmental requirements for suppliers.

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