Monday, June 8, 2009


The first Volvos to emerge from the partnership with Mitsubishi are presented: the Volvo S40 sedan and the V40 wagon. These front-wheel-drive models are offered with a choice of three engines – two four-cylinder petrol options and a turbo diesel. Side-impact airbags are standard equipment in the Volvo S40/V40, and this year they also become standard in the Volvo 850 and 960.

The Volvo 480 is discontinued. Some 80,000 of these have been made in total.

Tuve Johannesson is made president of Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo Bi-Fuel, the first generation of Volvo's cars built to run on methane gas.

Introduction of standards to improve dealers' environmental activities.

Volvo launches Car & Eco Care, a range of car-care products with a low ecological impact.

Volvo introduces standards to improve dealer environmental activities.

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