Thursday, June 4, 2009


Volvo presents the world’s first rear-facing child seat. Seat belts are introduced for the rear seats.

The Volvo 144 is soon a success in export markets too. It proves able to comply with the next set of safety standards in the US even though these had not been published when it was developed. The car has disc brakes – front and rear, a collapsible steering column and a new type of fastener for three-point seat belts. The body features energy-absorbing front and rear structures and the brakes have a unique triangular twin-circuit system.

The two-door Volvo 142S is launched in June, and the 145 wagon model arrives later in the year.

The Amazon now has power brakes, a collapsible steering column, and a new safety steering wheel which will collapse in the event of a collision. An emission control system is introduced for twin-carburetor models exported to the US.

Annual production totals 148,742 cars.

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